Welcome to SG Designs

Welcome - I'm so glad your here!!! 

My hopes for this blog is to bring inspiration through beautiful space that are lived in.  I love a beautiful home but one that isn't realistic to peanut butter and jelly, apple juice and muddy foot prints isn't going to work for our family right now.  I want livable and BEAUTIFUL.  Is that too much to ask for?  

As long as I can remember I love the comfort of having a home that feels lived in.  The reality of life right now is, a husband, a 4 year old, a 18 month old, and a dog.  My reality is that they are messy and that's ok.  I want sword fights, dancing in the rain, and movies in our den with popcorn and hot chocolate. 

When designing space all of these factors need to be considered.  I look forward to showing you fun, beautiful aspects of design that work with where you are in life.  Whether it's designing a whole space or styling a bookcase my goal is to make you fall in love with what you have with where you are.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll be updating regularly with before and afters (since I know that's what everyone loves), inspirations for messy lives, and lots of projects.  

Just a teaser - we bought our second house last summer and haven't had a chance to do any outdoor updates since we focused on getting the inside mostly done.  In the next two months we have some big plans that I'll be posting about:

  • A shed (since I have a jogging stroller and bike in my dining room)
  • Brick Patio or Slate Patio to enjoy nights outside with friends and family - I'm thinking herringbone brick pavers
  • Landscaping

We don't have a ton of space so we want to make sure what we do creates a beautiful area that we will use and is ascetically pleasing.  Here are some pictures that's I'm drooling over - I can't wait to get started!